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Friday, April 20, 2007

What a class I had for today, firstly, its the class whereby I know the most ppl, secondly, fel n jocelyn my fyp teammates are here with me plus it have been 1 and a half yr since I have work with Fel so quite looking forward to it. LAstly and shocking my fyp supervisor actualli facilitate my class.. It was fun la at the end.. Beginning to enjoy the modules in my year 3 more than my previous other 2 years. Hopefully better grades! *snicker*

One thing that leaves my fuming today is that when I can finally meet dai n zj for lunch at cafe galilee then SUDDENLY there is a compulsory meeting for god-knows what. Thus, I have to leave my 2 favourite ppl(who stubbonly refuse to eat till I get back) n my food to rush for tt 'meeting' but instead, the guy who calls for the damn meeting was in the middle of a game, ignoring our existence. WTF right?? i was pretty piss!! So he think that we do not have anythg better to do then to sit around and wait for him huh? knn

SO now we are going to have training with the guys... Its not that I have any thing against the guys team.. do I? But I dun really feel 100% comfortable with them. SOmetimes I think I anyhow think so much that it affects my performance greatly. true true, I'm not really a mentally strong person. Plus i have a variety of personality, those whom I'm comfortable with(lucky u) U will c my more vocal n siao siao side which I preferred too cuz I know i'm having a great time. But to those ppl whom I'm not close with, I am quiet and maybe anti-social... ya.. i am an anti-social person la!! For those ppl who have seen my siao siao side sure very hard to believe de. What to do.. I emo oso.. Just have to stay optimistic n positive, try not to let anythg affect da performance... mind over body, mind over body, mind over body ppl!! HAHA!!

Indeed, the freaking china girl in chicken class is irritating. period. end of story..

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sian la... Its at this point of time when I feel that I have so much things to do yet so little time. Take for example, tml the team will be doing the some stuff for the SLA fiesta which will be Next Mon n Tues!!!! like so freaking rush!!! Plus, i promise my mama to fetch her n my grandma to my hse tml at ard 5 plus... how to rush from woodlands to queenstown w/o beating the peak hr jams?? fook man!!! I guess I have to rush mei to teach me how to do the wiring so that I can do it at home then. Ah Cui's bday, her bday is like the previous tues but till now still haven celebrate. Apparently there is miscommunication so concluded that it will be push to nxt week. BUT mon n tues got the dumb SLA fiesta, weds is hols for us, thurs i got work.. wtf! where got time sia... feel so guilty tt bcuz of me, she have to change so many dates.. just sucks man! How can I attend to this without feeling guilty of not doing another? Duck just ask me to go DXO tml, i sort of what to go cuz sher will be working soon, but how can i go when i'm short of cash and having some stuff before tt? sian laaaa...

Plus, I have been thinking about my FYP thgy.. My team thought that we have everythg under control, but after talking to our not-so-helpful supervisior, suddenly all our plans have to do some amendments to it.. I dont think we even have enough time!!! ^$#%#&)!!! thgs are just starting to go crazyyyyyyyy!!!

RP buildings are damn symmatrical for every study clusters!!! fook! They shd have color code each block for the love of god!!! Have been to wrong blocks twice! shit man! luckily i realise it early enough to stop making a big fool outta myself. Results is unimaginable...........................

As you guys know that I have been budget in my previous post, I have concluded that I am short of cash cuz ppl still owe me some moolahs.. so ppl out there? remember hor! Total sum of money owe is $107 all together... about 7 peeps owe me money.. sad la.. feeling so messed up right now.. or maybe i'm just feeling confused.. wondering how agnes is doing??

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Monday, April 16, 2007

how cool its that? super duper chio!!!! super duper ex too

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

okaaaaaaaaaay i super duper high right now.. planning wad to wear, wad bag to carry, wad attitude shd i give my new classmates?? muahhaha.. anti-social? or irritatingly friendly? I think i will prefer my usual anti-social.. chatting with kaka right now.. gosh.. 2 weeks without floorball seems a loong break, missing the girls like hell! seriously! feeel like giving all of them a smooch when i see them!! so beware!!!! haha.

Guess wad, i've burst my budget barely 2 weeks after i get my allowance.. fook!! but i'm happy. as in still guilty but contented with my expenditure.. New Budget plan - no more splunging on tops! Indugle in shoes... heh heh.. Pedder Red.. here i come come cum baby!

Went sentosa today with hubby, he's 27 but he nv been to palawan or tanjong beach b4.. well, cant blame him, Just 6 months not going siloso beach n it has change so much.. i tink the Beach Resort is cool!!.. Plus we r so bo liao that we took the new sentosa express train one round. Oh well, for him to be free is kinda hard as he work 6 days n when he is done with work he is drain out... leaving the hyper -active- just- out- of -teenage- years to be bored to death.. sad la. i'm so lonelyyyyy...

i'm still fooking high!! missing everyone tt i have not been seeing for the past 1 month!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hai... in a flash my 9 weeks of hols had relunctantly gonna come to an end.. Next week will be grooming week!!! muahaha.. gonna soft straighten my hair, color, threading, mani, pedi!! shiok!! gonna drag agnes in too anyone interested r welcome!!! kinda excited abt it, i wonder wad will the hairstylist tink if i request in a change in my parting b4 straightening.. hmm.. maybe can slot in waxing too.. hor zj?? hee.. anyone tried browhaus? feedbacks appreciated...

YAY!! guess who will my future classmates be? 2 days with Ms FONG SHI YUN AGAIN!! yes!! gonna take more pics of her slping again! plus tt chicken neh neh! plus felicia!! my fyp mates!! yay!! the last module did not manage to check.. >drumrolls pls<.. so happy! hopefully it will be a full of motivation yr..

After that damn waterfall n samoca last fri, my cough cant seems to recover! shit sia.. no drinking for me.. FOR NOW!! ok ducky?
sadly the girls r now at st james n i chose not to join them.. shucks.. must get my throat to recover soon.. sad la

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Girls at DXO.. ah mi! nah! here it is.. can ya guess who is already drunk with 2 glass of whiskey
a shot of samoca(dunno how to spell) n 1 glass or bourbon coke. right ah mi? hehehe... haben start already drunk liao.. hahahahaha muacks!! kisses n hugs! more b4 sch reopens k?

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Meet up with Jocelyn at serangoon gardens Happy dayz with her mutt, Hersheys the chihuahua.. He's so light la.. like chicken wing, so fragile n bony!! heee!! see the doggie treats. cute right!!!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

On our way to BKK!!! yea!!

Nice dessert

MK steamboat at MBK!

scary adventure with the tuktuk

The FEAST at Chinatown!! sharksfin,birdnest,crab,fish, fish maw,prawns etc etc


In a restaurant at JJ Market

The whole gang is so lazy to walk that we sat n waited for this tram who stated that it was out of service for about 15 min. I think we r making quite a fool out of ourselves.. But in the end the driver did came!! phew~

The tram move so slowly that we probably have reach our destination on foot by then..

Nice Beef kway teow!! damn cheap too! i tink convert to Sing dollars in cost only a few cents..

At the beef kway teow 90s-looking shop!

mini van back to airport

our last meal in Thai at Mango tree.
What a trip, we r having 4 meals a day n living like a king.. damn shiok!! now waiting for tt jocelyn to come back with my desperate housewives season 1 n 2.. cant wait!!

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Girls crash my house to celebrate Hui Shan's bday (weeks ago)!! Had a healthy steamboat somehow!!
Happy Bday Shan!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

back from my wonderful but unfulfilling trip from thai with my cousins! wonderful because of shopping n fun, unfulfilling also because if shopping!! NEVER SHOP enough!!! shit man.. m.u.s.t g.o. b.a.c.k t.h.e.r.e a.g.a.i.n!!! muahhaha.. jia lat.. i tink i am a shopaholic.. shall upload pics soon. i've lotsa pics tt is so not updated... probably like weeks ago.. yikes. lazy to upload... dunno wad am i busy with. Yes! mums n pops r baaack!!which means no more laundry, no more maggie mee, no more waking up at 6am to wake my idiotic brother up in the morning to go to sch!!!! yay!! miss her nagging! muahahahaha

shall update for when i have the time, not its downloading of themes n chatting to my fyp teammates at the same time.

ciao ppl!

-p.s- there is this mosquito asking for trouble when he landed on my touch pad. dumb pesky pest...

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